3 thoughts on “Escuchanos En Vivo”

  1. is your station streaming on tunein radio?
    Hello how are you doing today?i am a listerner to your station on the internet and i would like to know if you can add your stream to tunein radio.alot of folks who listen to tunein listen on their mobile phones,on their computers and other platforms. if you would like to add your stream and website to tunein this what you should do go to your tune in website listed here
    after that you will need your stream link what you stream link if the pls,m3u popout or any other stream link that you will send to tunein radio to get listed. here is the stream link you should send
    to them.

    go to the bottom right hand corner of your tunein website you will see a link that says suggest an update on that website you will enter your email address,your website and logos and your stream link.tunein accepts pls,m3u,and popout streams or any other streams you might have to submit to tunein,after you enter all the info click on submit.tunein will send you a email to confirm your submiission to them.when your station gets approved with the changes tunein will let your know that your changes have been made,it usually takes a couple of hours for your station changes are final. iwould like to see you on tunein radio?

    thanks 🙂

    Allen Culver
    Streator,illinois USA

  2. Respectable
    my name is Gian Carlo, I am an Italian man aged 63 and I am a worldwide radio & TV stations stickers collector. I have found your address on your web site and I thought to write you hoping that you too are so kind to send me your stickers (or self-adhesive labels) by letter (if it’s possible) or your logo via email to the following address:


    Yours sincerely
    Gian Carlo Panzeri

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